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Set a new standard for trust and safety in your community.

Have confidence in human-powered screening technology that enables your business to run safely, smoothly, and efficiently while freeing up your team to focus on teaching.

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“The Yardstik platform is very intuitive! We've had some candidates that shared that it's easy to use on their end too.
And the fact that the background screens aren't just automated really helps me feel more comfortable in hiring.”

everything you need within the jackrabbit platform

You no longer need to adopt and manage an entirely new platform for your background screens. Once you are set up in Yardstik, the Jackrabbit Team will enable the feature in your system and you'll be off! Watch the video below to see it in action.

intuitive background screening you can trust

Jackrabbit is partnering with Yardstik to offer a background screening solution that helps you manage risk, maintain safe and compliant teams, and build trust with your customers. Pricing is entirely usage-based, so you only pay for what you need.

STandard screening package

Jackrabbit's Standard Screening Package delivers the comprehensive screening results you need to hire confidently, surveying national databases and checking against criminal records in their current county of residence.

Screening results are typically returned in 1-3 business days but can vary based on county courthouse response time.


The Standard Screening Package includes:

  • National criminal search
  • National Sex Offender Registry search
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control & Most Wanted Lists search
  • Address & social security trace
  • Current county of residence criminal search

stay tuned for more packages and add-ons coming soon

We'll be rolling out new screening and verification add-ons and packages in the near future.

Get started with screening today and you'll be able to easily create and add new packages as they become available.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Yardstik, the platform is easy to use!
The process only takes a few minutes for the staff to complete which is also a bonus!”

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