The Human Security Platform for HR Management

With Yardstik screening built-in, HR technology platforms can help ensure qualified workers, create safer workplaces, and reduce the risk of compliance issues for their clients.

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Screening to safeguard your customers and your business.

HR management and employment platforms are the backbone of productive, profitable companies. But staffing and hiring present innate risks. When unqualified or unsuitable people slip through the cracks, it can undermine your clients’ important work and damage your reputation. That’s why reliable background screening is so important.

As the screening platform made for platforms, Yardstik helps you close the background gap. We provide the full slate of background checks organizations need to vet and hire qualified people and ensure regulatory compliance. That means more cohesive and productive teams and safer workplaces.

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True White-label for HR Management Platforms

Our easy, API-first platform works behind the scenes while your platform takes all the credit at center stage, positioned to champion a new safety standard in your industry.

Product Features

Built for Your Industry

We’re good listeners. And we’re flexible enough to design right-fit solutions for your platform.

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Helping Your Bottom Line

We find unique ways to save you money. Even sharing revenue from screens on your platform.

How It Works


One-size-fits-all screening solutions don’t always fit. A platform solution designed for HR management platforms is safer, more efficient, and sets you apart against your competition.

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